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Sunday, April 1, 2012


The beginning of the big lie in print - the published record of the hoaxacaust myth concocted out of hot air. Tiny rooms that could not hold a fraction of the number they said they did. No seals on the door jams. Wooden doors, that belonged on school rooms, that held back time after time again 2,000 screaming gasping for breath frantically trying to get out adults. One shoulder into the door or kick and they would have been broken open. Its gets so absurd as to defy description. {It has never been so absurd since then - Not until 19 amateur fake pilots recruited from CIAQAEDA used box cutters to take three or four planes away from the entire Military and Civilian Air Traffic Control (for they can use Auto-Pilot from the ground to pilot the planes) - - and make the entire United States Air Force stand down to allow it and not intercept the planes - - and then use these mythical leap over tall buildings with a single bound attackers knock down mega-massive buildings with eleven foot thick walls and the whole buildings completely lined throughout with WILL NOT BURN ASBESTOS without a trace of the planes - - and then blame it on fire from Kerosene that is about 600 degrees Fahrenheit, 804 degrees absolute maximum - where steel girders don't begin to melt until 2400 degrees Fahrenheit and rapid deformation from heat at Cherry red (lower critical point) is not until 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and black red - red grey doesn't begin until 1000 degrees Fahrenheit where it is still 76% of original strength. When whole buildings subject to much hotter firestorms in Dresden in WWII took all night to burn and never fell but were skeletons left there of the steel and masonry, these came down in a couple of hours at free fall speed onto their footprints which only happens when on purpose demolition is used and cutting shape charges.} De-lousing gas (Zyklon B) that never hurt anyone that used it nor the people that wore the clothes that it was actually used to disinfect them with, suddenly is transformed into an instantaneously mass killing gas as opposed to the Hydrocyanide - prussic acid, used by the Nazis to actually really murder 275,000 German gentiles in German hospitals in sealed gas chambers with conveyors etc. It goes on and on and on ... ad Nauseum.

But here are the two big points.

1) Shirer wrote the THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH and published it in 1960 (see below for examples of the holocaust lies pp. 872, 873 of his book). In an early German edition he fully admitted that the physical evidence to support the "holocaust gassings" DID NOT EXIST, but that he had given in to pressure (from the Jews) to include it as if it were true - he lied and admitted that he lied.
The damage this does is immense. The Nazis truly were evil and much of what they were about and the history of that is well recorded in Shirer's book - now with the lie from the Jews included therein, the mass dissemination of the hoaxacaust lie is in print with history that is true - truth and lie comminged. The damage is incalculable. Ask all the Christians and Muslims in the Middle East.

2) Eisenhower (wrote "Crusade in Europe"), De Gaulle ( The Complete War Memoirs of Charles De Gaulle), Churchill (wrote 6 volume Memoirs of the Second World War, "Triumph and Tragedy") ALL WROTE MASSIVE MEMOIRS OF WWII AND NOT ONE WORD OF JEWS GASSED. It was only the Jew Roosevelt that helped the lie along in November 1944 with endorsement from the War Refugee Board created by Roosevelt by the connivance of Henry Morgenthau, Junior.

If the below is history then Dorothy and the Yellow Brick Road is a factual travel almanac and Cinderella is factual real science, pumpkin coach and all.

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH A History of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer


riots and difficulties. Very frequently women would hide their children
under the clothes but of course when we found them we would
send the children in to be exterminated.

We were required to carry out these exterminations in secrecy, but of
course the foul and nauseating stench from the continuous burning
of bodies permeated the entire area and all of the people living in
the surrounding communities knew that exterminations were going
on at Auschwitz.

Sometimes, Hoess explained, a few ”special prisoners” – apparently Russian
prisoners of war – were simply killed by injections of benzine. ”Our doctors,”
he added, ”had orders to write ordinary death certificates and could put down
any reason at all for the cause of death._1206

To Hoess’s blunt description may be added a brief composite picture of
death and disposal at Auschwitz as testified to by surviving inmates and jailers.
The ”selection,” which decided which Jews were to be worked and which ones
immediately gassed, took place at the railroad siding as soon as the victims
had been unloaded from the freight cars in which they had been locked without
food or water for as much as a week – for many came from such distant parts as
France, Holland and Greece. Though there were heart-rending scenes as wives
were torn away from husbands and children from parents, none of the captives,
as Hoess testified and survivors agree, realized just what was in store for them.
In fact some of them were given pretty picture postcards marked ”Waldsee”
to be signed and sent back home to their relatives with a printed inscription

We are doing very well here. We have work and we are well treated.
We await your arrival.

The gas chambers themselves and the adjoining crematoria, viewed from
a short distance, were not sinister-looking places at all; it was impossible to
make them out for what they were. Over them were well-kept lawns with flower
borders; the signs at the entrances merely said baths. The unsuspecting Jews
thought they were simply being taken to the baths for the delousing which was
customary at all camps. And taken to the accompaniment of sweet music!
For there was light music. An orchestra of ”young and pretty girls all dressed
in white blouses and navy-blue skirts,” as one survivor remembered, had been
formed from among the inmates. While the selection was being made for the
gas chambers this unique musical ensemble played gay tunes from The Merry
Widow and Tales of Hoffmann. Nothing solemn and somber from Beethoven.
The death marches at Auschwitz were sprightly and merry tunes, straight out
of Viennese and Parisian operetta. To such music, recalling as it did happier
and more frivolous times, the men, women and children were led into the ”bath
houses,” where they were told to undress preparatory to taking a ”shower.”
Sometimes they were even given towels. Once they were inside the ”showerroom”
– and perhaps this was the first moment that they may have suspected

_Usually ”heart disease” was written down. Kogon, himself in Buchenwald for eight years,
gives samples: ”. . . Patient died after prolonged suffering on at o’clock. Cause of
death: cardiac weakness complicated by pneumonia.” (Kogon, The Theory and Practice of
Hell, p. 218.) Such formalities were dispensed with at Auschwitz when the massive gassings
began. Often the day’s dead were not even counted.

[page] THE NEW ORDER 873

something was amiss, for as many as two thousand of them were packed into
the chamber like sardines, making it difficult to take a bath – the massive door
was slid shut, locked and hermetically sealed. Up above where the well-groomed
lawn and flower beds almost concealed the mushroom-shaped lids of vents that
ran up from the hall of death, orderlies stood ready to drop into them the
amethyst-blue crystals of hydrogen cyanide, or Zyklon B, which originally had
been commercially manufactured as a strong disinfectant and for which, as we
have seen, Herr Hoess had with so much pride found a new use.

Surviving prisoners watching from blocks nearby remembered how for a time
the signal for the orderlies to pour the crystals down the vents was given by a
Sergeant Moll. ”Na, gib ihnen schon zu jressen” (”Ail right, give ’em something
to chew on”), he would laugh and the crystals would be poured through the
openings, which were then sealed.

Through heavy-glass portholes the executioners could watch what happened.
The naked prisoners below would be looking up at the showers from which no
water spouted or perhaps at the floor wondering why there were no drains.
It took some moments for the gas to have much effect. But soon the inmates
became aware that it was issuing from the perforations in the vents. It was then
that they usually panicked, crowding away from the pipes and finally stampeding
toward the huge metal door where, as Reitlinger puts it, ”they piled up in one
blue clammy blood-spattered pyramid, clawing and mauling each other even in

Twenty or thirty minutes later when the huge mass of naked flesh had ceased
to writhe, pumps drew out the poisonous air, the large door was opened and the
men of the Sonderkommando took over. These were Jewish male inmates who
were promised their lives and adequate food in return for performing the most
ghastly job of all._ Protected with gas masks and rubber boots and wielding
hoses they went to work. Reitlinger has described it.

Their first task was to remove the blood and defecations before dragging
the clawing dead apart with nooses and hooks, the prelude to
the ghastly search for gold and the removal of teeth and hair which
were regarded by the Germans as strategic materials. Then the journey
by lift or rail-wagon to the furnaces, the mill that ground the
clinker to fine ash, and the truck that scattered the ashes in the
stream of the Sola.†

There had been, the records show, some lively competition among German
businessmen to procure orders for building these death and disposal contraptions
and for furnishing the lethal blue crystals. The firm of I. A. Topf and
Sons of Erfurt, manufacturers of heating equipment, won out in its bid for the
crematoria at Auschwitz. The story of its business enterprise was revealed in a
voluminous correspondence found in the records of the camp. A letter from the
firm dated February 12, 1943, gives the tenor.

_They were inevitably and regularly dispatched in the gas chambers and replaced by new
teams who continued to meet the same fate. The S.S. wanted no survivors to tell tales.
†There was testimony at the Nuremberg trials that the ashes were sometimes sold as
fertilizer. One Danzig firm, according to a document offered by the Russian prosecution,
constructed an electrically heated tank for making soap out of human fat. Its ”recipe” called
for ”12 pounds of human fat, 10 quarts of water, and 8 ounces to a pound of caustic soda . . .
all boiled for two or three hours and then cooled.”1207

It is true Hitler hated the Jews, he hated the Christian Slavs much more. The Jews and the Nazis used one another, both for absolutely nefarious purposes. It was the Christians who suffered hugely. Now it is the Christians and Muslims of the Middle East who are murderously oppressed by Zionist Jews and Anglo-American Neo-Nazis - the Freemason Putin and still Communist Russia are no answer for they will live down to their Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist, et al, anti-God and anti-Christ and anti-Christian and anti-Islam base.


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