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Saturday, January 8, 2011

WORLD in conflict: An American scientist has destroyed a unique technology known as "Radio to God"

WORLD in conflict: An American scientist has destroyed a unique technology known as "Radio to God" Mysterious --------- research within the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory -------- Crystal structure of a key hyperkomunikaci

August 3, 2009 Jaroslav Chvatal

Jaroslav Chvátal From within the Russian intelligence agencies came to a very interesting report, which informs that in the United States of America was destroyed interdimensional highly sophisticated communication equipment, which in Russia is jokingly called "radio to God" . For this unprecedented act is supposedly one of the world's leading experts on the "evolution of crystalline structures, dr. Silvya Oommachen. The scientist is one of the team of authors published an extremely interesting study, entitled "Crystal structure of TM1030 from Thermotoga maritima at 2.3 Å Resolution Reveals Molecular Details of Its Transcription Repressor Function" was recently published. According to the aforementioned original report, which was taken from "Western" sources was dr.Oommachen arrested by FBI agents after he smuggled through security and guard service laboratory on 18 July 42 cassettes, each with 96 samples of crystalline and three cryogenic containers stored at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation lightsource. These samples were then two days later found melted on the desk in an office laboratory.

The reason for the destruction of research material, the FBI estimated the cost at nearly $ 500,000,according to the dr. Oommachen fighting off "bad karma." wrote about what they did relatively detailed report. It was later found in an abandoned laboratory on a piece of paper. It is interesting that Dr. Oommachen signed his own name, but rather use a special pen - "X Black".

Very interesting implication of this event, however, given Russia's "GRU" ( Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye ) - "Russian military intelligence" ( see. pictured left ) , which, in its report suggests that the nominative case should be very closely related to other fatal facts . According to the "GRU" are currently Americans in direct contact with "known interdimensional entity" with the scientific establishment of the United States, where she worked just dr. Oommachen for some time been in contact with "those" that our ancestors called "Gods".

By the way dr. Oommachen conducted top-secret research in a special laboratory equipment that falls within a special control system of the Department of Energy, as well as various other paramilitary institutions. Research dr. Oommachen fell under the very well guarded within the project "SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

The mission of this department consist of highly sophisticated research on the so-called 'ultimate structure and dynamics of matter and properties of energy, space and time " ( the ultimate structure and dynamics of matter and the properties of energy, space and time, at the smallest and largest scales ). According to Russian military intelligence "GRU" is one of the most sophisticated projects in the world who actually specializes in making contacts with the environment of other planets and dimensions. This activity is in certain circles is also called "Tachyon Speed.

The term "Tachyon Speed" refers to a hypothetical subatomic particle that could move faster than light. The potential existence of these particles for the first time introduce the world to one of the most ingenious brains 20th century., a German theoretical physicist dr. Johannes Arnold Sommerfield . ( See. picture below left ). This wonderful man ( and it is now very little is known ), perhaps the largest contributor to the scientific world finally received "Special Theory of Relativity" dr.Albert Einstein ( see. picture below right ). Sommerfield was also one of the founders of "quantum mechanics".

dr. Arnold Sommerfield
Dr. Albert Einstein

Very remarkable are the circumstances in which Dr.. Sommerfielda connect with II. World War II. The point is that even though the conflict was for the Americans and the Russians described as a strategically important scientists who were responsible for the massive scientific progress within the German Nazi Reich, were Russian and allied forces in any special order for this man, nor any of kill his closest collaborators. ( I believe that everyone is reasonably minded reader that the reason is obvious. J.CH. Note ).

We should also note that Dr. Sommerfield was much, much indeed named for the Nobel Prize.However, this prestigious award has ever received. It is possible that it was because of his scientific activities, which during the second. World War II lent Nazi Germany. Russian Report "GRU" , however, says something else. He said it was mainly because of him in his time, perhaps fearful of any power on earth and no one wanted to further strengthen its already well without the exposed position.
But let's look at what unites dr. Sommerfielda with dr. Oommachen and in contexts which are disposal facilities America Radio's God. " It all began with a report on the research, which in 1923wrote just dr. Sommerfield under the name "Tesla's Ark In Quantum Field Theory".

As we all now very well known, Nikola Tesla ( see. picture below left ), the other 20th century genius. Not for nothing is he called "father of electricity" . Without his timeless theories and inventions of recent scientific advances would not be unthinkable.

Dr. Sommerfield in his above-mentioned report also highlights the fact that the inventor of radio wasGuglielmo Marconi, the Marches ( see. picture below right ), both are still very often taught, but, it seems, it is the Tesla. It is documented that in the early stages of the proceedings of both scientists Tesla said: "Marconi is a good man. Let him go on. Let them use my 17 patents on. "

Marconi, Nikola Tesla Marches

Eventually, the dispute still gets to the U.S. court that in 1935 Tesla wins . But never did not produce the required compensation, as the case was finally resolved in 1943 , when Tesla was a few months after death.

Dr. Sommerfield in his study "Tesla's Ark In Quantum Field Theory" in connection with the mentions about Einstein's "Special Theory of Relativity" says Tesla is a colleague of Einstein repeatedly warned of its "Dynamic Theory of Gravity ( DTG ) - ( if anyone was material from readers willing to translate this line I would be grateful to him and I posted it here in the Matrix, note. J.CH. ).

In this theory in the context of Einstein's mathematical models of the curvature of space considering the use of particles ( which were later called tachyons ) with which it would be possible and even interstellar interdimensional communication. Tesla was on these aspects clearly convinced.

Note: Although Tesla "Dynamic Theory of Gravity" was never officially released, there were about ten years ago, a similar theory, which include the existence of so-called "gravitational waves" , especially in connection with the study "plasma cosmologists' ( explaining the nature and structure of energy Space studying electromagnetic effects of plasma ).

Far more interesting is the fact that Sommerfieldův written material on the above and our rates are still a lot of outlandish theories of Nikola Tesla is based on evidence that suggests that Tesla spent very much time to research the artifact, which is known as the"Ark of the Covenant" ( see. pictured right ) . Today definitely decides whether this was a prestigious and highly strategic U.S. government scientist, the possibility of physical examination of this case or relying on any information to the public unreported detail in defining the "facility".

Dr. Sommerfield in his rather mentions several times that in the context of the "Ark" is Nikola Tesla as a "communication device for conversation with God" and "mystery whose understanding would be able to change the view of the whole human history and human development race. "

Dr. Sommerfield writes that Nikola Tesla was convinced that the "Ark of the Covenant" was constructed in a special way, including materials that could be used only for the above purpose and the reason why we have:

"That could take a radio signal, they must have what is called the" detector "to it so that it can act as 'irreversible' (night-return) valve (valve) in logic circuits, which Tesla invented. Subsequently, Tesla found that the best "trap" the crystal. So since the early days of radio is used in a crystalline form of galena (lead sulfide). "

Sommerfield in his work admits that he told Tesla that the so-called "Tables" including "Ten Commandments" , which in the Old Testament patriarch Moses placed in the "Ark of the Covenant" was created from a very wonderful mineral properties and is known as "Turquoise" ( see. pictured left ). These tables were then covered with gold in a special way, which is well known that one of the best conductors of electricity.

Tesla in this context, talking about a device that not only could destroy the city like New York, but in fact would be able to literally "cut the Earth like an apple." ( The whole thing is one more interesting thing. When well enough to study the description of the "Ark of the Covenant "in the Old Testament, we find that it is essentially presented exactly as suggested by Nikola Tesla - a communication device and as a weapon ).

Information on dr. Sommerfielda, which is in its material in connection with a mineral called "Turquoise" refers to Nikola Tesla's fascinating yet another circumstance. This mineral has been in our history is always revered as the "mineral of the Gods." ancient Egyptians mined mainly in the Sinai Peninsula.

In the game there is another disturbing fact. Currently, the largest deposits of turquoise are ....Consider just in Iran. In addition, indigenous Amerindian inhabitants still living in the United States has always known about "mysterious power" of this mineral. Iran is currently nearing completion equipment for the production of nuclear energy. This type of energy is best suited to our conditions of any power source with high energy requirements.

Rules of the game significantly affects Israel. With long-term anekci extensive territory in the Sinai (which essentially dates back to 1967, when the war conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors ) that State has access to a rich vein of turquoise. See. information above. And let's not forget that even this state is a nuclear power.
Finally, the combination States seems to have already embarked on at least until the testing of communications equipment ( and guns? ), which is called "Radio to God". Připomínám just that already Nikola Tesla in the context of this device to mention the massive energy demands that are needed to the fact that the potential could be used hyperkomunikaci particles called Tachyons.

It is known that Dr. Sommerfield, who recognized a novel theory of Nikola Tesla, who was under the strict supervision of the German Nazis, especially the former Reich Marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goring. During the year 1940 is gradually dr. Sommerfield replace discredited by Wilhelm Muller, nationalist supporter of the so-called "German physics ", which stood ideologically against Dr. physics. Albret Einstein was a great admirer of Dr. precisely. Sommerfield. The main promoter of ideological "German physics" was Philipp Lenard ( see. picture below left ) and Johannes Stark (see. picture below right ).

Philipp Lenard Johannes Stark

However, information of the Russian "GRU" clearly state that Sommerfield was despite ideological differences, a fundamental pillar of the Nazi research, at least at the beginning of II. World War II. On the part of Russians belonged to the category of the Allies 'VIP Nazi scientists " who belonged to such Wehrner von Braun ( later the leader of rocket research within NASA ) and others. Sommerfield was allegedly murdered on the 26th April 1951 then to walk with my grandchildren.

And how to govern the initial theory about the Tesla "Ark of the Covenant" , which was later reviewed by Dr.. Sommerfieldem fresh events around dr. Oommachen? Simple.

The ruined laboratory samples related to mineral, which is called .... Turquoise!

We know that Dr. Oommachen is a leading scientist in the field of artificial stimulation of crystalline structures. It seems that a great interest in our coverage has been very busy mineral called turquoise. Pseudonym, which is signed by Mrs. Oommachen - "X Black" is not the Ark itself, but is much closer to the term "Fallen Angel" , also known as Lucifer.

Perhaps the reader well enough to capture the context of a simple form of hidden text ... ..

(C) 2009 Jaroslav Chvatal
(C) 2009 Sorcha Fall


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