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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My take on Who is behind the phenomenon of Gang Stalking Electronic Harassment Domestic Terrorism & Torture in America

My take on Who is behind the phenomenon of Gang Stalking Electronic Harassment Domestic Terrorism & Torture in America

No Matter Where you Go, There you Are (now) In America. Why run any longer–why go broke any further for them. No matter where you move to, no matter where you go, they have made our lives pure hell. When you find a good location, stay. See Tortured in America to understand what I’m talking about as a Victim of this senseless crime wave going on all over the United States right now. I am a victim of this as are many others now. Sign Petitions Please: and SEE & SIGN THIS PETITION AND PLEASE ASK OtHERS TO SIGN: Unlawful Non-Consensual Weapons Testing on Civilians and Military Personnel Must Stop: By Darlene R. Miles
Who’s behind the phenomenon of Gang Stalking, and how does gang stalking, electronic and microwave harassment start?
First: Gang Stalking is ‘Homeland Security Cops term.’ This is why this Cosmo-COINTELPRO phenomenon is going on all over the U.S.A. in record numbers and victims (targeted Individuals) are so confused as to how it follows them from the east to west coast of the nation. We’re in Police and FBI and CIA databases ‘and’ the cops are calling ahead to where victims (TIs) flee around the nation. The phenomenon of gang stalking is ‘Task Force Training.’ They enlist their Legionnaire connections of ex-commissioned and national guard members to participate in ‘multi-vehicle preying upon victims’ surrounding them as if they’d committed an act of war while in a military feel position. Victims need to know that they are (Gang Stalking Electronic & Microwave Harassment) are performingTerrorist Training and Terrorist Processing (SHOCKING!) as if ‘they’ are in a guerilla war right in front of your neighbors and other unknowing folks on the road and streets of our US towns and highways. WHAT WAR? THERE IS NO WAR ON US SOIL–it is them acting out for more and more local homeland security terrorist federal funds. If a victim of this new form of DOMESTIC TERRORISM calls a Cop their immediately placed in a psych ward to discredit them. How else could so many from all over the US state the same.
Anyone can be put on the FBI Terrorist Hit List. Think about those strange Scam Emails & odd Hang-up Phone Calls.
It took me years to figure all of this out. This is the third semi-small town I’ve now moved to. One can’t hide in these towns, eventually victims such as myself will see ‘them’ in passing and I now have. These so-called stalkers are who I write of in this. The people they involve include minorities and their friends and family, and countless locals. As it moves through the stages they begin to include even more higher-ups when their gang stalking isn’t working. They emphasis on the old adage ‘you and what Army?’ because that’s what they’ll bring into the mix to destroy a person and their family depending on what’s at stake (value-wise). Yet, more and more minorities, especially women and children are becoming victim to these weapons that take one into the next and final stage: Exotic unseen, unheard weapons with a noise campaign meant only for the victim.
Important: Their gang stalking and perpetrating noise campaigns (COINTELPRO) revving motorcycles on streets right behind the victim(s) to more than one family at a time. I am a victim of this as I watched a family with a baby around the corner literally flee for their sanity and lives just days ago. Their son told me they were aware of something strange going on. As a widow, a woman alone–disabled at that, I intend to hold my ground and let God and Jesus be my guide from here on out. These gang stalkers are fortunate my husband is dead! I will continue to emphasis that weapons of war (satellites, helicopters, small local Emergency Response Pilots) are indeed utilizing Homeland Security funded Electromagnetic and other Microwave weapons to destroy people (me) with bone and muscle severities making the doctors riches. Fear no one but God and take note: Jesus and his Disciples were ‘targeted.’ Had they been alive today they’d certainly be attacked by Mk-Ultra Cosmo Weapons from the air and ground. Do Homeland Security and military members hate Jesus? I guess they’d attack anyone. I gave my late-husband’s medical records to the military for free and this is how they repay his widow. Those of us surviving aka gang stalking (their term not ours–it’s really TERRORIST TASK FORCE PROCESSING for HOMELAND SECURITY FEDERALLY ALLOCATED LOCAL FUNDINGS) must continue to tell the world online with hopes someone with a heart and conscience puts an end to this horrific violent mass-silent murder-for-hire going on around the country!!
After HDS places victims into the black and/or red lists databases, which becomes nationwide (Don’t run/Don’t move–it WILL follow you and continue to GROW WORSE. Save your money and health!) you’re placed into OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazard). This opens up the local counties to make still MORE Terrorist HDS money funding: Medical Monitors (on the ground and in the air). These are the ones who follow behind the group of ‘gang stalkers’ whom are actually Terrorist Task Force training for more Federal funded jobs. From there the local Air National Guard, Coast Guard and Civil Patrols being flying slowly by repeatedly following the victims everywhere they go. Some notice, others do not until they realize the pilot(s) are indeed stalking, preying upon them while shooting Microwave Radiation (Ionized Directed Energy Weapons) from their airport locations. Many patrol in a civil manner under air-patrol and/or Emergency Response which gives them even more Homeland Security (Terrorist Watch) Money. Remember, the public is paying for this out of the federal tax-dollars. Those at an airport have set-up a possible federalized fusion center. At the location and at strategic locations within a 2-5 miles radius are relay antennas hidden in plain view which not only relay the signal of the poor victim(s), they can delay the signals as well confusing even your best investigator and victim. As the victim becomes more aware and chooses to stand his and or her ground (rightfully so, tired of running upon realizing there is no where to go–why run, stand your ground–you’ve done nothing wrong-they have) they sell the victim’s body frequencies to the U.S. Army and NS and if they haven’t then these HDS are playing GOD and medical WITHOUT a license, rather a vindictive one with a license to KILL. Nevertheless, as an older widow I refuse to be chased from still yet another home after moving near an Ocean I always dreamed of and advised by some of the biggest doctors in the country to do this for my health, of all things.
So the next time you see these local pilots swarming around someone in public or over their home, and hear sirens and motorcycles revving think and ask: Was there a true fire or emergency? Call and ask. Look in the paper. As a victim of this only I know what other victims know: More Training drills are going on in the name of a poor, victim nearby.
At least these people know down in Tampa, Florida. It’s even in the Topix Forumand in Kentucky.
Forgive them Father (for they know not what they do) as I am no where near capable of doing so and turn the other cheek refusing too! They prey and attack so their pals get stalked victims CHEAP! I know and have seen it. The main reason this happens to victims is we knew someone who had a Homeland Security connection/pal. Mine was a lawyer. He can lie all he wants but he received a huge government contract
Sadly, I learned to late, yet what can a lone widow do when chased all over the country since filing one complaint against a lawyer (that would have taken down him, his multimillionaire scheme robbing me blind over my late-husband’s death) and he got his HDS buddy to start this against me–Neighborhood Watch that I began from the same elderly neighbors who actually liked me, than suddenly turned on me out of no where because now I can reflect back on them–their faces and actions: All of it mirrors ‘exactly’ what they did to me in another state to a tee. Also, when ‘they’ send out their local pilots to terrorize little women as victims (and vulnerable nice men) who in their right mind could understand this sick phenomenon because it does cause decent human beings to go into states of shock and illusions of a nightmare.
Please read what I write here. It’s as close to what’s really going on as possible. Yes, was are eventually placed (by their DOD buddies) into the DOD Directives as human subjects. However, it begins on the local level. It is what it is. Congress needs to awaken to what their signing in those Patriot act and other Homeland Security and Neighborhood Watch appropriation bills or none of this would have happened to begin with. It was from too much ‘terror terror terror’ and the need for a militarized police-state in America. Having met several locals from different political sides yesterday even they were discussing the same issues. No one is happy with the state of where America is and no one likes ‘them.’ Victims need to get out more and start talking with locals.
I was right all along. It’s Sheriff to Sheriff Cop to Cop. Homeland Security funding has gone completely wild on local levels with all the big federal money they receive. That secret network are Legion halls.
Congress allocated Homeland Security monies into local Sheriff and Police’s budgets. HDS Cops set-up Neighborhood Watch with fundings from Infra Guard run by the FBI. By placing a lone person (vulnerable) on a list the entire local county groups get their federal fund numbers ‘up.’ Everyone makes out while they keep their jobs as the rest of the country falters in what many have called it correctly: LAWLESS AMERICA.
They really use local National Guard types, probably through their network buddy-system at the local Legion Halls. The FBI and CIA depending on where you live in the country, are the convenient set-ups on Victims (Targeted Individuals). After their done setting up all the equipment in our cars and in our homes, the Police and their DOD buddies begin using Electro magnetic and Microwave frequencies from their local Towers, EML Towers and Antennas, and local government-contract run Satellites (i.e.) Skyware a local owned (run with federal dollars as a private contractors utilizing local Natl Guard employees) to literally Terrorize a human being in the area.
One of their false-flag acts is while gang stalking their victim their told to act and show facial expressions of pure stupidity, innocence to confuse the victim. In reality, they’re filled with hatred ‘after’ they’ve gotten the vulnerable, confused, frightened Target (human being (victim)) as it is than they have no problem pulling up to the victim following them to their doctors visits. It is than they show their true selves: Mean, hateful, capable of murder. Prior, they are told to look innocent. It is an act.
This is how electronic harassment starts with handheld GPS and handheld lasers and tazers shot from (vans, SUVs, cars and hidden in sheds and campers) start. If you see a strange new Camper or shed go up by those you know are participating in your destruction, film them immediately and head for a civil rights attorney. If you try to use your phones and can’t get out and hear strange noises its your locals trying to keep you from making contact for help. They use jammers, spoof your Internet and calls taking control of your cellphone, throw rocks onto your lawn and driveway and into your home’s gutters to hear everything you’re doing as if you’re some kind of SPY <— this is how the treat victims like their espionage.
The police are part of the gang stalkers. One might be told to sit next to a victim and like their fingers in a sick manner helping to place the victim into a further nightmare because that victim said this the prior day. The reality of this is that gang stalker was seen yesterday driving her local Police SUV. How do the police get away with terrorizing and murdering, chasing lone men and lone women out of their homes and all over the country till their broke, and homeless? Thru Homeland Security money they have all the military weapons—they have been militarized now working hand-in-hand with the local air and national guards, the Fusion Center FBI CIA and storage medical personnel within these secretive centers. This is what the ACLU and EFF organizations as well as the Washington Post have been trying to tell victims but like so many others, I too fall for the New World Order of things, when in fact it really is local. Almost every one of the aka gang stalkers on me has been out of uniform cops, their FBI CIA Natl Guard pals or locals and locals their pals or related with. They are the only ones with the capabilities of calling in your local fire department and ambulances to hit the sirens in their COINTELPRO.
It is with my most sincere hopes that the real DOD & Intelligence communities of valor—whom knows things arn’t right’ sees this and does something to save us victims before another one of us succumbs to these out-of-control, reckless, despicable heartless murderers-for-hire before another senseless act by them is committed upon another American.
Note Targeted Individuals always speak of the same color of cars. Depending on where you live in the country they really will use the same color cars. Sometimes all are white, sometimes red. This is because the local state government and or police get their cars free buying FLEETS. Fleets come from local dealers utilizing the federal funds allocated to police and local government at a near give-away price. The colors will all be the same when buying fleet. Who do I know? I use to sell cars as the first female in American to hold the position. I sold more cars than any man at that big Chevrolet dealer winning a trip for to San Juan Puerto Rico.
24/7 surveillance: It’s called roving surveillance. Its done to bring in more money. This is how they know everything we’re doing on our cellphones, home phones and in our homes and cars. Their also using GPS from our cars GPS system, our cellphones to locate us and have someone in the area, military equipment dropped someone near our home (from a local nat’l guard site or believe it or not, an AF buddy who drops a packet from the place) all under Homeland Security Terrorist Task Force training exercise. Once they have locked-on to our bodies frequencies, they work harder under these exercise with HDS and the local buddy-systems (some coming from a local Data Entry firm) to advance victims into a wider network of DOD FISA run by those very secret committees Dana Priest and William Arken write of in ‘Monitoring of Americans’ and ‘Top Secret America,’ because it’s that unyielding and out-of-control.
If our names are placed in a national HDS database as black or red lists because I am not in any database of Homeland Security at the highest levels. When the HDS Cops (the ones who are in on this—corrupt to the hilt) have us commit an act they know is now classified as a Terrorist Act (waving our hands, giving chase to one of the multi-organized stalkers in a local Terrorist Task Force training exercise) for those local money-numbers, they are than able to mark us as true Terrorist. Hence the radiation from silent EMF EML Microwave frequency ranges begin. These signals travel to use from local Satellites in the sky. Their up there during the day, one just can’t see them and they can move swiftly as I’ve seen one during the day in another state by pure accident.
The reason many victims find their names is a simple guess: Our names aren’t entered into the larger HDS Nat’l databases because if our names did appear we could legally dispute the claims. This has left targets with no legal options which is exactly what the US legion buddy system intended and they’d get caught—their network of corruption would fall. That leak in the damn would begin. This explains why one of the locals at their local ‘utility’ company shot me with a handheld laser gun (Raytheon, possibly), than fast took off going around me in the other lane. She immediately seen a real Navy guy driving right in front of me. She glanced down at his tags taking a double-take while in total full-blown fear. She fast slowed-down, than took off again than slowed-down again… than sped up again but the whole time she almost went off the road while looking in her rear view mirror at that legit Navy guy. If this was all on the up and up, why was she in so much fear? Because she knew what she had done to me was that evil and illegal; she was not a professional military or she would had shot that thru me with confidence, and she was not a member of the military are she would had not feared the Navy guy. No. She was a local utility employee which explains who they came into my home with electricity to assault me and so many other local targeted victims in the area.
All things have a beginning and an end. Nothing last forever. Many victims have moved seven to ten times within a 3-4 year period, many homeless and still their weapons assaults continue. I have moved 2 times in less than 4 years and I have decided to show them what it means to be a true American by staying. I am only human yet in my own way I shall live by example. If they had been through even half of what I have witnessed they would had fallen apart by now. I think I’m doing a damn good job as a five foot two-inch little woman. I’ve come a long way. We all have to die sometime and somewhere. I chose to do so by a beautiful ocean and continue to go out and live my life regardless of whether they think it’s not of their standards. I know the truth. It continues to be the gift that keeps on giving setting me continuously free. Bet they will never be able to say that, that is, if they can get over their (not ours) belligerence.
In the end it’s all about Money, plain and simple started to prevent victims (who are not one of them) from a i.e. lawsuit and to protect their interests. They use others personal differences to turn others against them i.e politics.
Conclusion: We need a major congressional investigation and hearing to cease COINTELPRO on Homeland Security and the cover-ups that led to all of this in America during one of the worse economic times in our nation's history.
By Darlene R. Miles… At the Petition Site that Details Everything I write of With Links to the most Creditable Information Sites Available.
America must awaken to what is happening to EVERYONE, not just those who are targeted by ‘See Something – Say Something’, all citizens are being non-consensually experimented on, as more and more chemical trails are being sprayed into our air and negatively affecting our health, weather, water, birds and the fish that we eat. This goes without saying the number of Satellites and Drones being tested and evaluated on human targets; or the number of criminals cells that are now created within neighborhood watch groups (with no over-sight) and are heading crime rings.
ACLU Article: ‘Who’s Spying (or targeting) in Your Neighborhood?’
Our President, Senate and House of Representatives must stop this genocide now and decades old practice of injuring innocent American citizens for the sake of the next developed (WMD) ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ that will never be used, other than as tested on its own ‘unwitting’ citizens. Our Senate must start reading the many Appropriations Bills and war weapons technology ‘Justifications’ that they continue to sign.
2012: DOD Directive 5240.1-R Human Testing on U.S. Persons
This procedure applies to experimentation on human subjects if such experimentation is conducted by or on behalf of a DoD intelligence component. This procedure does not apply to experimentation on animal subjects.
C13.2.1. Experimentation in this context means any research or testing activity involving human subjects (U.S. Persons) that may expose such subjects to the possibility of permanent or temporary injury (including physical or psychological damage and damage to the reputation of such persons) beyond the risks of injury to which such subjects are ordinarily exposed in their daily lives, ‘unwitting’ U.S. person, and those targeted for surveillance, and those granting consent.
(Who are they kidding here, when is psychological and physical damage a part of anyone’s normal day; only if your brain is hit by a direct energy or electromagnetic pulse weapon during satellite or drone testing would it be, as documented for ‘human targeting’ as ‘U.S. Persons’ of these United States of America. These are illegal criminal acts against ’unwitting’ humans who die mysteriously of ‘silent’ injuries everyday.)
C13.2.2. Experimentation is conducted on behalf of a DoD intelligence component if it is conducted under contract to that component or to another DoD Component for the benefit of the intelligence component or at the request of such a component regardless of the existence of a contractual relationship.
(Regardless of the existence of a contractual relationship…so I can become a contractor and use this Directive to assault whomever I wan; invade your privacy by partnering with a local Fusion Center (who job is to process personal and financial data about every U.S. person and make available to those who partner with their facility) to take your business, or to access the activities that occur within the privacy of your home…just because I can???)
C13.2.3. Human subjects in this context includes any person whether or not such person is a United States person. (scroll down the page, they continue to edit this directive since release in April) – ‘The Washington Post – A Top Secret America’ – Detailing the over 3100 government contractors formed Post 9/11 ‘A War on Terror’. What terror? We are not at war. Search on the top earnings and developed technologies. – The Washington Post ; Monitoring America’ – Where Fusion centers admit to monitoring and surveillance of millions of innocent citizens who have NEVER committed any crimes.

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