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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Note: Gangstalking is ALWAYS UNLAWFUL.


Reportedly, the ground crews that participate in patrols (Gang Stalking) are connected to academic institutions, the Department of Energy (DOE), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and other federal or state agencies. If this is the case, then this program is similar to the harassment campaigns in Germany which were run by the Stasi. They operated a vast network of citizen informants. Some of these informants were directed by the Stasi to conduct patrols, where they would systematically Gang Stalk enemies of the state.
Anna Funder described the Stasi as, "the internal army by which the government kept control." John O. Koehler, who served as a correspondent for the Associated Press for 28 years, says they were "a criminal organization founded and operated by a monopolistic party ... that trampled on basic human rights and on the dignity of the individual." The Stasi existed to protect the state from the people. More specifically, it existed to keep those in charge of the dictatorship in control.

Fulbrook wrote, "a key task of the Stasi was to ensure that the potential bases for collective action in opposition to ... the state ... did not develop," and that, "individual 'trouble-makers' or 'ringleaders' [were] rapidly isolated and disciplined." To accomplish this, they used their own version of Cointelpro (Zersetzung), which had the full support of all major components of the state, including a network of citizens which would stalk and harass people. The Stasi and the IMs were essentially the private armies of the individuals who controlled the country.

Apparently these harassment campaigns can legally be done. Attorney Brian Glick wrote, "Much of what was done outside the law under Cointelpro has since been legalized by Executive Order NO. 12333," which allows "counterintelligence activities" by the FBI, CIA, the military, or anyone acting on their behalf. "Specialized equipment," and expert technical assistance may be used "to support local law enforcement." All are free to mount electronic "surveillance" and conduct "break-ins" without a warrant. This means that any federal or local law enforcement agency or government contractor can conduct these "investigations." These legal "break-ins" account for the Gaslighting tactics that targets experience.

It would be necessary for "the FCC as a minimum and the Department of Energy as a minimum to have some oversight and control over what is going on," stated McKinney. "[Each] government obviously is complicit," she declared, "because otherwise these ... operations would not be allowed to exist." McKinney's findings suggest that the FBI, CIA, and DOE are probably involved in these harassment campaigns.

Moret added, "the military is ... very directly and heavily involved in it. But it's not just the military," she says, "it's the CIA, FBI" and other "law enforcement" agencies. "This globally infiltrated organization," declared Dr. Kilde, "has "octopus type" activities in all major intelligence services in the world," and has "recruited people from all important government institutions, state and local administrations."

The April/May 1996 issue of Nexus Magazine provided us with another clue with the publication of an article entitled, How the NSA Harasses Thousands of Law Abiding Americans Daily by the Usage Of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM). The article stated, "The NSA gathers information on U.S. citizens who might be of interest to any of the over 50,000 NSA agents (HUMINT). These agents are authorized by executive order to spy on anyone. The NSA has a permanent National Security Anti-Terrorist surveillance network in place."

The Big Lie

The elite have a tendency to fragment organizations within their hierarchy in order to keep people ignorant as to how their organization is a small component within a larger operation. This is how an organization with seemingly positive objectives can be used for destructive means. Therefore, the Hidden Evil is probably highly compartmentalized and the various factions within it are almost certainly unaware of the existence of one and other. For instance, the citizens who operate within the public front are probably not aware of the use of Directed Energy Weapons, murders, or framings. Neither are they likely to be aware of the real agenda.

An analysis of the tactics and strategies used indicates that there must be at least several factions to this highly organized program. There is a recruitment and training unit, which provides training to individuals, businesses, and groups within communities. This faction more than likely appears professional and is equipped with supporting propaganda delivered by trusted authority figures, who claim that the program is a matter of "national security." The individuals in this unit are probably operating on lies themselves, because in order to sell such a program, you first need to convince the sellers.

There is a logistics faction which coordinates public harassment such as the arrangement of people, and vehicles, as well as informing federal, state and local entities of a targeted person's pending arrival at their enterprise. There is an intelligence faction, which puts people under surveillance. The surveillance is apparently justified by a bogus investigation. Some of these factions may be merged into a single team. For instance, the logistics faction is obviously in direct contact with the surveillance faction, and they may even be the same team. I refer to the combination of these factions as, the public front, because in all likelihood, it appears beneficial and innocent. The Citizen Corps National Neighborhood Watch program, figures prominently.

According to the Citizen Corps' Guide for Local Officials, each community has a Citizen Corps Council composed of representatives from law enforcement, fire and EMT services, faith-based groups, community-based groups, elderly and minority populations, transportation systems, utility companies, businesses, educational institutions, environmental groups, the media, and "[any] groups that represent a large cross-section of the community." Basically they recruit people from all of these major groups within the community.

The guide explains, "At the state level, all Governors have appointed a state coordinator for Citizen Corps to facilitate this locally driven initiative." Notice the operative word, "all." Elected officials such as mayors and council members are also cooperating. "The state coordinator," it continues, "will work closely with the local governments, other state organizations, the Department of Homeland Security, (DHS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and other federal agencies to implement a successful Citizen Corps program for the state."

This means that your high ranking elected officials, as well as federal and local law enforcement are fully aware of this program, and are donating significant resources to it. The Citizen Corps' Neighborhood Watch program is essentially, according to the NSA, the front line for homeland security.

So, if this program is in fact the public front that is used for mass recruitment, then it would explain many things, such as:

The colossal network of volunteers (informants) conducing citizen patrols (Gang Stalking), which is directed by FEMA and the DHS, working with local police.
The near-perfect coordination of non-stop harassment, which unfolds as targets travel around town, including any public place, store, or restaurant.

The tremendous state resources that are used which obviously require much time, effort, and financial backing.

The stalking of people by vehicles representing entities such as, the U.S. postal service, UPS and FedEx, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, local business, utility companies, city vehicles, taxis, and public transportation vehicles. And in some cases, aircraft such as small propeller planes and helicopters.

The persecution of targeted people inside essentially any local, state, or federal establishment, by employees who work with citizens on patrol to harass them.
The "all hands on deck" philosophy of the entire state engaging in well-orchestrated harassment.

The participation of a wide-range of citizens, such as seniors groups, school children, religious and ethnic organizations, etc., which are presumably drawn from various groups within the community.

Because training originates from the same source, it would explain the identical tactics used nationally--even globally.

The cover-up by local and federal law enforcement, as well as agencies which exist to help people being tortured or persecuted.

Because it is a DHS initiative, it would explain why no organization has stopped it.

What the Public Doesn't See

Citizen Corps seems to fit the observable operational blueprint previously noted. It appears to be a likely candidate for the public front. But there are definitely other factions, which are probably unknown to the majority of the participating public. Similar to the public front, some of these factions may be combined into a single unit. These factions are also obviously directed by federal and local law enforcement.

They include, a faction for co-opting specific individuals in a targeted person's life (friends and family), which appears to involve lies and intimidation. There is a faction which attacks people with Directed Energy Weapons. There is a faction that conducts break-ins, vicious rumor campaigns, staged accidents, framings, and blacklisting.
The program is "very hierarchical" Moret describes. She says there is a lower faction consisting of criminals who are "already compromised" due to their participation in illegal activities. These criminals participate in order to gain recognition with local officials and other figureheads. According to Dr. Kilde, this recruitment also includes the use of the mafia and terrorists when necessary. Interestingly enough, it's a matter of public record that the FBI works with known criminals, including those in the mafia who are confirmed murderers, to assist with framing innocent people for crimes. Apparently this is done for reasons of "national security." It's also a matter of public record that the U.S. Government has funded, trained, and even protected terrorist networks such as Al-Qaeda.

Secret Police

"Secret police (sometimes political police) are a police organization which operates in secrecy for the purpose of maintaining national security against internal threats to the state. Secret police forces are typically associated with totalitarian regimes. As their activities are not transparent to the public, their primary purpose is to maintain the political power of the state... A state with a significant level of secret police activity is sometimes known as a police state."
-Wikipedia Encyclopedia

To recruit regular citizens to perform nefarious acts such staged accidents and framings, these officers can scan for certain qualities in an informant database consisting of literally millions of people, in order to select the mentally ill, criminals, or those who can be blackmailed. Then, these informants, who have no official ties to the government, can be co-opted into a staged event for reasons of national security.

In this manner, these factions may feed a steady supply of innocent people to the public front, in order to promote group cohesiveness--thus ensuring the survival of the program. These factions represent the true underlying psychopathic nature of the program. Based on my research, the public front is simply a mask used to recruit the public into a very cleverly disguised program of torture and murder--The Hidden Evil.

Ted L. Gunderson, a retired FBI Senior Special Agent insists there are two types of investigative operations in the U.S. intelligence agencies, overt and covert. He says, "The overt operations involve investigators who respond to various federal violations of the law such as bank robbery, kidnapping, extortion, etc..." But the "covert operation" says Gunderson "involves those who never identify themselves and are involved in harassing and targeting citizens..."

So, if Citizen Corps is the current major operational vehicle for this program, then FEMA, federal and local law enforcement (with full support of the entire community), are directing these persecution campaigns on the local level. And this unseen unit, which operates beyond the public front, is responsible for conducting, framings, murders, staged accidents, torturing people with Directed Energy Weapons, blacklisting, and mocking people with V2K--all done under the banner of national security.

Who created the Hidden Evil? The creators of this program have enough global influence to initiate policy in all NATO nations. They also have the authority to issue worldwide stand-down orders on organizations like the Red Cross, ACLU, Amnesty International, etc. And they have the money to finance it.

Who benefits from this program? When investigating a matter, if the evidence you've been able to gather indicates a specific pattern which is not easily produced, then it is reasonable to conclude that any entity which can produce the pattern, and has done so in the past, is suspect. Furthermore, it is also reasonable to conclude that if the same entity has the motive, the means, and the opportunity, then it is suspect.

Hypothesis A

In his book America's Secret Establishment, Professor Antony C. Sutton describes a hypothesis as "a theory ... which has to be supported by evidence." He continues, "Now in scientific methodology a hypothesis can be proven. It cannot be disproven (sic). It is up to the reader to decide whether the evidence presented later supports ... the hypothesis." Sutton states that no reader can decide until they've absorbed all of the evidence presented.

Think Tanks created the Hidden Evil. This includes, but is not limited to, The Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and their interlocks, funded by the Tax-exempt Complex.(*) These organizations are heavily interlocked with Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Policy set by these unelected rulers becomes law with regularity. The Hidden Evil was not a willful creation of the public that voted it into existence, it was done by secrecy. Essentially, it is the creation of what congress, federal law enforcement, and researchers have called, the Invisible Government, or the Shadow Government.

The following three individuals have worked with government Think Tanks, and have evidently contributed to the fine-tuning of this program. They include Dr. John Alexander, Janet Morris and Chris Morris.(**) The Morris' and Dr. Alexander have worked with Think Tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the U.S. Global Strategy Council (USGSC) researching Non-lethal Weapons technologies. They have also instructed government officials on the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Here is a brief biography of each, which was taken from their websites.

Mr. Chris Morris

Mr. Morris has worked with organizations such as Raytheon, Alliant Techsystems, Olin Ordnance, Primex, ARDEC, Delfin Systems, the Millburn Corporation, the Human Potential Foundation, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Argonne National Lab, Penn State Advanced Research Lab, Westinghouse Electronic Systems, BDM International, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, USGSC, CSIS and others.

Prior to forming M2 Technologies with his wife Janet, Mr. Morris was "Research Director at the U.S. Global Strategy Council [USGSC]," which he describes as a "Washington-based think tank" founded by Ray S. Cline, the former Deputy Director of the CIA. According to Mr. Morris, this Think Tank was composed of "a select panel of senior government and industry experts who met regularly to formulate and guide the Council's non-lethality agenda." He briefed "executive branch, DoD, and Congressional officials on non-lethal concepts, technologies and strategy."

Mr. Morris states that he has received "multiple grants to study non-lethal technology issues for the MHW Foundation and the Winston Foundation." He adds that he has "participated in defense technology roundtables of the Heritage Foundation."

Ms. Janet Morris

Ms. Morris is President and CEO of M2 Technologies, Inc. (M2), which specializes in "non-lethal weapons (NLW), novel technology applications, tactics and technology." She has taught or provided course material to the U.S. Air Force's Air Command and Staff College, National Defense University's (IRMC) School of Information Warfare and Strategy, and Penn State University Applied Research Laboratory's Non-Lethal Institute.
She has provided and presented seminars and briefings to the Defense Science Board, the Congressional Research Service, Senate Armed Services Committee Staff, and the Center for Naval Analysis. Like her husband, Ms. Morris worked at the USGSC as Research Director of Non-lethals, where she provided "strategic planning support to U.S. Government agencies, departments, and Congressional offices."

According to McKinney, in their publication entitled, Nonlethality: Development of a National Policy and Employing Nonlethal Means in a New Strategic Era, the USGSC outlined the foreign and domestic use of Non-lethals, and made numerous references to the domestic use of this technology against elusive "enemies" of the U.S. Government.
"The term, 'non-lethal,' used to describe this technology is misleading," says McKinney. "The energy emitted from all of these [Microwave] weapons can kill when appropriately amplified. At lower levels of amplification, they can cause extreme forms of physical discomfort and debilitation."

The Morris' have provided interviews and opinion pieces for The Smithsonian, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, ABC, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and other media. According to the New York Times Magazine, both have worked on a task force for the Council on Foreign Relations.

Col. John B. Alexander, PhD

His biography reads: "Dr. John Alexander has been a leading advocate for the development of non-lethal weapons..." He "organized and chaired the first five major conferences on non-lethal warfare, and served as a US delegate to four NATO studies on the topic." Dr. Alexander has worked with the "highest levels of government," including the White House, NSC, CIA, and other senior defense officials.

He has written articles for Harvard International Review, The Boston Globe, The Futurist, The Washington Post, and other media. He has appeared on Fox News, Larry King, CNN, Dateline and international television. Currently he works as president of LEADS, Inc., and serves as an adviser to the Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command.

He was "instrumental in influencing the report that is credited with causing the Department of Defense to create a formal Non-Lethal Weapons Policy." According to Dr. Alexander, the creation of this policy resulted from his non-lethals study for the Council on Foreign Relations.

An article entitled, The Quest for the Nonkiller App, which appeared in the July 25 issue of The New York Times Magazine, stated that Raytheon had developed the Active Denial System (ADS) which causes "palpable pain" and "can operate beyond small-arms range, enabling an operator to deter a foe long before a potentially fatal clash occurs." According to the article, Stephen Goose, Director of the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch, "paints an Orwellian picture in which repressive regimes obtain nonlethal weapons to keep restive populations in check without resorting to the sort of bloodshed that can earn a country unwanted attention." That is exactly what is happening now.
The article continued, "Janet Morris of M2 Technologies would like to see, 'calmative agents'--weaponized versions of Valium and other drugs--deployed in battle." The Council on Foreign Relations has issued reports and recommended an increase in research finances, it said, and added, both "[Janet and Chris Morris] have worked as members of the Council on Foreign Relations' task force."


Experts in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and Non-lethals have worked with elite Think Tanks that have been known to control most governments. These Think Tanks are advocating the creation of a single world government with them in complete control. The Non-lethals which they have sponsored are reportedly used on people worldwide. NLP is allegedly used as a weapon during citizens' watch patrols (Gang Stalking).

* Although there are probably entities coordinating these Think Tanks, they exist at the upper echelon of this control structure and are a recognizable element of it.
** These are not the only individuals who helped create this. But they are an identifiable link between the government Think Tanks, the non-lethal technology, and NLP, which are used in this program.

Quotes from "Cause Stalking"
From Front Cover:

Cause Stalking

1. Identify
2. Vilify
3. Nullify
4. Destroy

Cause Stalking is performed by anti-government and other extremist groups. It can involve hundreds of stalkers waging a harassment campaign against a single target. Not all victims are their enemies. They also select targets of opportunity.

From the Back Cover:

Cause Stalking is also referred to as gang stalking. It is a creepy world of smoke and mirrors. This is the first book to discuss this subject, which affects thousands of victims. The author is a Private Investigator who has worked cause stalking cases.

From page 5:

People in the group would discuss where they would go for supper, after their shift was over, so I went too. I listened to a group of people openly discussing various operations as if they were the police. Real police officers were also sitting in the restaurant, listening to them. I later learned that their presence was not a coincidence.

One man who had supper with the group drove a van marked with the call letters of a local AM radio station. I started listening to it. Most of the guests had new revelations about Waco or Ruby Ridge, or had some inside story about government corruption. It is called hate radio. I also heard advertisements for the meetings of a local political group, and I attended some.

At the first meeting I attended, one young man flashed a phony police badge at me. No one paid any attention. Some of those in attendance were the people I had seen in the local restaurant. This was my introduction to the creepy world of anti-government extremists.

From pages 10 (slightly) &11 (completely) &12 (slightly):

They [some of the stalkers/recruits] are cable, telephone, and electric company employees who can interfere with a target's service and spend time on patrol with the group, while they are on the job.

Firemen across the country, and even some police officers, support these groups. Fire trucks can sometimes be seen riding in extremist convoys, with their flashing lights turned on and their sirens screaming their support. They have been seen racing to greet a convoy which is entering their town. The participation of firemen, city workers, and utility company workers helps give group members an illusion of legitimacy and power. Any support offered is by individuals, and not by entire departments.

Most active group members have only a general idea of the ideology of the group, but they don't particularly care. They are having fun with their friends and that fun involves stalking and harassing various targets and engaging in other civil disobedience. They believe that they are justified in engaging in these activities because of the "higher purpose" of the group. For some, group activities offer a way to their own redemption.

Many groups pay for the gas of those who "ride" with them. Guns are not allowed and they must have proper ID and insurance.

Damon below

Full Scale Information Operation: Gang-stalking

When we returned to South Florida, what had been a full scale information operation the whole time began to become clearer.  We picked up our puppy, Sky from the kennel, and went back home.  I felt like I needed a significant amount of rest after being through such an arduous ordeal, and we went directly to bed to sleep.  Neither of us were able to, and I lied awake thinking about how strange everything that had happened to us was.  Almost instinctively picking up on what I was thinking about, Mary turned to me and held me.  She looked me in the eyes and said ten words I will never forget.

 "It's because of me, and I will make them stop."

It was obvious, when you think about it, that the whole thing had been revolving around our reunion, and her family.  It gave me a great sigh of relief that she had finally come clean, and I was eternally grateful to have finally gotten honesty from her -- something I had always cherished about her.  Unfortunately, this particular statement was only a half truth, if that, and what would ensue over the next month was anything but stopping.  Over the next month, we would both be gang-stalked:  followed from place to place being threatened by third parties, police officers, hotel clerks, and random strangers on the street.  It was the most unsettling thing anyone could imagine, and its sole intent is to create the appearance of paranoia in its victims.  After much research, it becomes clear that it is a military grade information operation, used by the mafia in order to discredit witnesses against their Octopus like tentacles stretching far and wide into the body of the United States government.  Their network includes police in almost every jurisdiction in Florida, as well as judges, lawyers, and civilians all working feverishly to hide their very existence.  

I fell asleep for about 2 or three hours, and was again woken to something very unsettling.  Apparently Mary had left shortly after me dosing off, and when she returned she noticed she had locked herself out of our apartment.  I had never known her to be very athletic, but she managed to climb to the second floor, and woke me up by sliding open the balcony door.  I was shocked, and slightly amused at the contraption she had built, stringing together the dogs 20 foot standing leash with some other cords on the patio in order to get in the house.  

While she was gone, and I had been asleep, our puppy had apparently ripped open the dog bed that we had not brought to Ocala.  The stuffing was strewn all over the house, between the stairs and the bottom floor.  When we discovered it after her return, she was noticeably upset.  In what would become one of many internet searches which would later be revealed to have been directed with the use of mind control technology, I began searching for the reason that this item had caused her so much distress over the last week.  I found an article talking about organized crime using the very same item, a dog bed, in order to traffic cocaine. 

It all made sense, in a cascade of understanding, that we had avoided the real set up because of my unwillingness to bring the dog on the trip.  I was later made to believe it was my keen inference of her distress that saved us, and then even later that it was some form of psychic intervention, that we were saved for an unknown reason.  None of these things would prove to be true in the end, what it now seems like is manipulation of all parties involved, law enforcement the mafia, Mary and myself, in order to tell this story.  Who would do such a thing?  

I continued searching, this time for a mechanism which would enable drugs to be hidden inside the stuffing of the dog bed, and was quickly given an answer by "Google".  Almost instantly, several US Patents for doing just that, hiding illicit drugs inside cellulose fibers were shown to me.  They're still there, against any and all logical reason for such a thing to be patented... and filed with the government.  

Search results are just one of the electronic communications mechanisms which this entity can control.  It has the ability to modify not only what comes up in the search, but also what is seen by the viewer.  Even so far as being able to redirect cell phone calls, instant messages, and emails -- it's mastery of all things electronic would be shown to me over the next month and a half, but not make sense until much much later.
I questioned Mary about what I had found on the internet, and she looked at me sternly.  Her response was out of the ordinary, as if it were not coming from her.  The words were clearly a question, however her tone and demeanor were not quizzical: "How do you know?"  It would later be clear that she was silently or covertly telling me that the entire search and discovery process had been directed, though I still do not know if she knew that was what she was doing.. to this day.    

Mary began going around the house picking up the soft filling of the dog bed.  She was placing it in publix bags, and setting them next to the door.  I started helping her, and it seemed as if she thought that was odd, she then told me that "they" wanted it back.  Great, get it the fuck out of here.  I told her what I had thought, and she asked me if I would come with her to bring it to Damon.

No.  fucking.  way.

I said I'd be more than happy for her to take it, and that I would meet her after she did it.  I wanted nothing to do with it, after repeated threats of being set up.  Now that I knew what the issue was, I was going to stay as far away from it as possible.  She received a communication over her "two way radio" and told me that if I wasn't coming, she didn't want to take it anywhere.  I told her that it was going down the toilet then, and her eyes narrowed, angrily.

Seconds later she agreed that was the best thing to be doing, and I proceeded to flush all of the loose fibers down the toilet.  I felt relieved that she had not argued with me, and that it was gone.  Mary had been planning on having her mother over, we had talked about it on the drive home, and she called at almost the instant the toilet flushed.

The Gang Stalking Network A T.I. Perspective

The Gang Stalking network made easy - A TI perspective

What is Gang Stalking and TI social control?

T.I. Gang Stalking is a framework of social control of group of people and this framework can be used by any system (even non-government system) to attempt to control an individual or group of people without doing anything illegal in the control framework. From this fact, things are very clear that whoever wants to gangstalk the TI they don't want to do anything illegal as a part of gang-stalking.

TI gang stalking allows to inflict enormous pain to the T.I.

TI gang stalking is planned in such a way the actions involved in the TI gang stalking are designed considering the loop-holes in the law.

Often the criminal use of technology and hi-tech machines are used to introduce and amplify the pain, negative emotions (anger, fear, aversion, feel helpless etc). And the gang stalking is used to anchor the pain and negative emotions to the aspects of life (community, environment, person, time, objects) so that the TIs perception of all the aspect of life is turned negative. Also the occurrence of gang stalking is planned so that the TIs perception7MvYects of life remains negative permanently and TI is never given time to recover.

Once the stalkers are successful in turning the perception of the TIs, the TI develops mood disorder. And for the perp programmed anchors when occur normally in life will trigger a bad mood for the TI (even if it is a normal life occurrence and not the GS event). And the TI views all the person who displays this gesture or anchor as a perp because of the influence of the forced mood disorder.

For example as a part of GS perps artificially cough and anchors cough with aversion. And after turning the TIs perception and introducing the mood disorder for given set of anchors. Even if a non-perp person coughs then the TI gets the bad mood (I hate when someone coughs like that). For every occurrence of programmed anchors if the anchors are displayed in normal life then the TI gets bad mood and this anchors act as triggers for the bad mood. With all those bad mood in life, the majority of TIs life is spent thinking about the GS and other problems.

Irrespective of who does the gang stalking we have to analyse the methods and characteristics of gang stalking to have a better understanding of who does it.

Now we shall analyze the characteristics of the TI gang stalking system.

What are the motivations to form the TI gang stalking system?

TI gang stalking is used by the system rouge government like big system) as virtual jail for the TI. TI gang stalking helps in achieving the following factors:

1. By the TI gang stalking the given TI can be isolated form the community and create barrier for the TI with the community .

2. By the TI gang stalking the TI losses the confidence in the community and fears to do anything dramatic or revolutionary or do anything that will impact the community.

3. By the TI gang stalking the TI thoughts can be starved to only think about the problem of gang stalking and other life issues are thought or planned least.

4. TI gang stalking spoils the ego identity and confidence of the TI and don't allow the TI to reach a successful life (if the TI achieves successful life or influential life then the TI cannot be controlled).

Consider a case where if the rouge government know that a particular person will compulsorily involve in crime or anti-social activities then the government can confine them (for example psychopathic person will compulsorily harm public and this type of people will be confined). But in the case of person with narcissistic or sociopathic psychology or something similar in concept the government cannot confine them, because the probability that the person with such psychology involving in anti-social activities varies from person to person. And the probability that the person will involve in anti-social activities depends on numerous factors. If the government still confines the person, then it is like punishing an innocent person for the sole reason that the government suspects the person who may involve in illegal activities, who didn't commit anything illegal.

Similar to the above concept if the rouge government or a rouge criminal system who wishes to control a person who didn't involve himself in crime then gang stalking is the only  way to do it and this rationalizes the use of gang stalking on TIs.

What are the salient features of the TI gang stalking system?

Control across countries:
We have learnt that T.I.'s even get followed offshore and across the countries, who would have such power to GS across countries. Definitely a organization with some volunteers with limited fund cannot do it, the organization with funds comparable to the national schemes and salaried perps who can dedicate their time for GS available across the stable economic countries can only do GS across shores.

System has the power for very long duration:
If the Gang Stalking is done by the non-governmental agency then the system which does the Gang Stalking or TI social control doesn't have any legal liability to perform Gang Stalking actions which are at least most of the time is legal but comes within the loop-holes of the law. If the Gang Stalking system doesn't have any legal liability then the Gang Stalking can involve criminal or illegal actions and can escape after doing it.

If the system doesn't have legal liability then instead of doing Gang Stalking (in which the law loop-holes are considered and it is so complex),  What type of the system can and wants to Gangstalke and trouble the TI for so much time or years?

The system is dedicated and involve in work for 24/7:
How the TI family members agree to take part in the GS session? What reason is given for them? Definitely not all of the family members will agree for money as the reason. Does the perps threaten the TI family members to take part on the GS. Or what could be the reason? When the perps meet the family members? Do they watch the life of entire TI family members before approaching them? And who can do it?

Consider a TI going to a shopping mall and perps managers are planning for a GS in the shopping mall. TO perform GS in the shopping mall they require people to perform GS, not just one or two can do GS in a shopping mall. Now to perform GS they can request people in the mall to GS which requires time, by the time the perp managers request each and everyone, the TI will finish shopping and leave the mall .Or the perp managers can mobilize the part time gang stalkers to mall from volunteers group who know how to gangstalke and can do gang stalking with less supervision. If the perps or gangstalking planers want to perfectly determine the outcome of gang stalking they should involve trained gangstalkers who has prior gang stalking experience. And if this case is true (if there are part time gang stalkers and if they are trained prior) then GS activity is preplanned and well managed activity with huge fund. Even if the funds are available for GS activity how many of the perps will be willing to dedicate their time for GS at time convenient for the perp managers and how the GS managers mobilize or collect the trained gang stalkers from a different location and move them to the shopping mall where GS activity is planned.

The system is well funded and the fund magnitude is comparable with the national schemes budget

The perps who are part of the GS system or TI social control easily manages to turn the public against the TI for the GS session. Why does the public turn so easily and what reason is explained for the public to make them to agree for the perps request in the TI stalking. Does the public turn because the GS session involves nothing illegal (mostly it involves coughing, bumping into the TI, or other simple inconvenience). Or the public is given money to take part in the GS session and stalke the TI. If the perps give money to take part in the GS session then who funds the GS sessions which happens 365 days a year and what is the magnitude of the money funded for gang stalking the TI. And who can fund so much money?

The public is turned because the organizers and the perpetrators of Organized Gang Stalking use a FALSE cause(s) Pretext and lies to fool and motivate the public and the perpetrators involved.  They use a pretext to cover and attempt to justify their Harassment and Terrorism of the targeted individual.

What is the magnitude of the fund received by the TI
gang stalking system? How and from whom the TI gang stalking system receives fund?

Considering the points discussed above the amount magnitude of fund required for gang stalking is huge and depends on severity of TI control the money required for gang stalking increases.

If the GS manager wants to organize the gang stalking activity for every day then they has to employ atleast a hundred for a medium severity control of TI. How much is the average living cost of a perp getting involved in the GS, say the average living cost of 4000$ for a month. And per day living cost will be around 130$, since the perps are normally part time workers then the cost will be less, so let us consider the cost is 100$ per day per perp involved in the gang stalking. So for 100 perps per day the cost will be 10000$ and per year cost would be 3600000$ (3.6 million dollars per year) only for part time workers. This cost is excluding the professionals like psychologist, public department resources, GS managers, GS perps mobilizers (cost for transportation), cost of the machines in the case of DEW, V2S or V2K, Technologies such as Remote Neural Monitoring and mind control and their operation cost. And cost for research for GS and aiding technologies? What is the cost for gang stalking across countries?What will be the total cost? What is the maximum money any non-governmental organization can collect? Will any non-governmental organization can fund the gangstalking activity which is so huge? Can the huge fund collection for gangstalking activity happen covertly?  wouldn't  such a huge fund transfer get notified?

If the government funds GS then whom the fund is allocated to, is it done covertly? How the government is able to covertly allocate such a huge sum for only control or Gangstalking a group of people and able to cover it up?

Who is the authority of TI gang stalking system?

By mapping these characteristics to the agencies we can come out with the answer about the type of agencies controlling the TI. Agencies can be Rouge secret service, Rouge law enforcement, Rouge intelligence agency Rouge military etc.

What is the hierarchy of the TI gang stalking system?

This analysis considers that the TI gang stalking as legally done by the government.

If the GS is legal then social control will follow the same structure of the judicial system. In a judicial system, court is an entity independent of the police system. The court is responsible for analysing the truth of the case and provide verdict which is independent of the investigators opinion. Police system is responsible for investigating the case and to file the case against the concerned person and perception of the police is always pessimistic to suspect everyone possible.

Similarly the GS system if legal but is NOT legal! should also have a entity which is independent and decide whether to control and how much to control the TI and for this discussion lets call it as GS management system.

And the GS system also should have a entity to screen the public by conducting interview (covertly in the name of job interview) to find the required psychology in the population. Lets call this entity
GS operations group.

GS operations group after finding the required psychology, the profile and interview logs are given to the GS management system. The GS management system after evaluating the logs and characteristics of the TI decide whether to control the TI and how much to control based on the severity of the Control required.

Note that the severity of the Control required determines the amount pain to be inflicted on the TI and GS frequency (for every day or month).

After the verdict of the GS management system the social control of the TI is implemented by an entity whose aim is to plan the control for every day, decide which type and amount of control. Apart from social control, the TI is often reevaluated for change in the psychology.

Who does Gangstalking?

TI stalking and harassment are not always some crooks harassing the TI for some mean reason, sometimes the stalking and harassments are carefully planned by a team of experts (psychological experts) and executed by carefully selected and trained agents. It is very clear that the stalking involves psychological concepts like NLP etc and the stalking is carefully planned by the experts in the psychological field.
TI stalking is planned in such a way the output (extreme states of the TI) are observed carefully(to find which NLP-anchor or harassment works with the target TI) and used in the next TI stalking. This suggest the stalking is organized as a part of the major activity that involves systematic communication, organization, planning, execution and with unlimited funding.

TI stalking and harassment are planned in subtle ways that the stalking doesn't leave any evidence or cannot be accepted as evidence (at least law enforcement does not want to accept the evidence). The stalking and harassment is designed such that they do not leave evidence. even though they do leave evidence, that can easily be recorded and documented.   The Organized Gang Stalking organization is concerned about the evidence which can be produced judicially. What if a TI is able to produce  evidence which can be accepted judicially? Will the system(Government) if part of stalking will try to cover it up. Why any TI is not able to produce one? Or is the Government covering up the produced evidence?

Thinking about all the possible motive behind the stalking and harassment, the worst thing that could be the motive of the stalking could that the motive being legal and we TI being unable to understand or unable to get the information or reason behind the motive. If the motive is legal what could be the possible legal system that urge for harassment of the TIs. Is the system(stalking organization) is paranoid enough to commit stalking on innocent thinking that the innocent TI as threat to the organization or system. If the motive is legal then the real motive is not the harassment of the TIs, but it is a form of systematic control of the TIs life. Why should be a TI be controlled? Is the TI really a threat to the system?

The Organized Gang Stalking organization seems to have unlimited access to the places of their interest and access to the places used by the TI to gangstalk and harass them. Only a organization with rights to access a place judicially can take control of the place and people in the accessed place and obey the organizations judicial order. Any other organization without a judicially order cannot take control of a place (used for TI stalking).

The organization involved in the TI stalking and harassmet could be a legal organization with unlimited power(since they get support from local law and enforcement or since the local law enforcement doesn't always accept the TI complaints). Amnesty International and other Union(EU, UNO) does not help the TI and Amnesty International cannot interfere TI stalking only If the TI stalkers and TI stalking is legal.

Who take part in TI gang stalking?

Though all the general public is convinced by the criminal organizers and perps to take part in the stalking and harassment of the TI. There is a closed group of people who normally take part in the gang stalking. Except for the intervention officers like the Director or manager all the perps involved in the GS are part time workers for the GS system. These part time workers will have a main profession other than GS work and also involve GS as part time work and earn. Often the part time GS workers are transferred to the different location where one TI lives, to where other TIs live and they are used by the GS Director or manager to stalk and harass the TI. This is a cycle to prevent the permanent enmity between the given stalkers and TI and lessens the threat for the gang stalkers.

But the intervention officers like the Organizer director or manager involved in attempting to control the TI, do it as full time job. These intervention officers like the Organizer director or manager have 24/7 illegal criminal logging of events of TI, and plan the attempted daily control of the TI, and amount of GS, type of GS, amount of DEW or technological attack and other forms of attempted control. The Criminal Organizer director or manager of TI social control

How Gang Stalking sessions are planned, organized and executed?

Each and every GS sessions are carefully researched for the agenda (amount of pain, control and type of control), possible outcome(Did the session meet the planned outcome) and feed back(how the TI reacted to the GS session).

Roles in the GS

There are roles for each and every person involved in GS. The roles varies from Director or manager, attack group, diversion or mis-orientation group, observation or feed back group and theoretical analyses group.

Role of theoretical analyses group in GS:
This group contains the permanent members of the GS system typically but not always psychologist, law enforcement officials, public department members, traffic constables and controllers and Organizer director or manager of given GS session.

Responsibility of this group is to frame or plan the gang stalking session. There are several factors that are discussed in this session. First the gang stalking frame work from the legend (previous GS sessions) are used to frame the current GS session. By using the legend GS frame work this group reuse the GS model, for the given agenda they need not frame each and every actions in session, but only have to select from the list of GS legends frame work to plan for the current GS session. This has a lot of advantages for example time is saved, no experts are required always to plan the GS session, man power used to plan is less etc. And the emphasis is given for the plan for execution of the GS session.

Based on the type and severity of TI the given legend GS frame work is selected. Once the legend GS frame work is selected then the group request for the resource for the execution of the GS session. The resource are normally part time workers (except the Organizer director or manager of the GS session) who are compatible occupiers of the place in which the GS session is planned.

Role of Organizer director or manager

These intervention officers like the Organizer director or manager have 24/7 illegal criminal logging of events of the TI, plan the daily control of the TI, amount of GS, type of GS, amount of DEW or Technological attack and other forms of control. The Organizer director or manager of TI social control

Role of psychologist

Psychologist or individuals who work in the mental health field  are sometimes used unknowingly to provide cover for the harassment and terrorizing of the T.I. by giving a bogus ignorant diagnosis, based on what the T.I. is reporting to them, sometimes the syndicated criminal doctors, that are conscious and aware of the illegal criminal OGS system.  These mental health doctors are used in attempt to discredit or "put away" the T.I.   Psychologist take part in the design of the GS session. They design the GS session such that the GS effects in the psychological conditioning of the TI. This conditioning helps in the control of the TI. The psychologist also review the GS session and read the feedback from the TI to see how much the GS conditioned the TIs brain.

Law enforcement officials

Law enforcement officials are sometimes but not always responsible for protecting the criminal perps involved in the GS session. They clear the area and make sure a place in which GS occurs is usable by the perps. They also prevent the external influence from outside.

Public department members and traffic constables:
These people sometimes but not always help the perps by clearing the place in which the GS occurs from the public and time share the place with the other public. After the GS session is completed or when the TI leaves the place the area is open to the public. When a public place is used by the perps the place is isolated by the Public department members and traffic constables to the public and controlled by these people.

Though almost all the members of each public department take part in the GS the session and the operation is covertly kept secret from other members of the corresponding department.

Who are the targets of TI gang stalking system?
The TI gang stalking system is selective when they want to select the people for gang stalking. This implies that the system has limitation on doing gang stalking and it cannot be performed on all the general public and selection of people for gang stalking follows a strict procedure.

While analyzing and researching about the selection of people for gang stalking, we have to think about what are the characteristics that the perps are looking for as a part of selection and the place where the selection takes place.

In this aspect following questions are to be answered.

Will the selection happen randomly? Is the selection is based on the gene of the people.
If the selection process is not random and if it is systematic who would do the gang stalking and who would do the selection. Will both be the same persons?

How blacklisting works?

This process should involve the evaluation of the psychology of the person, to check whether the persons behaviour matches unacceptable psychological models. If the psychology matches the abnormal behaviour framework then the person is included in the black list. Then the social control of the person will be exerted on the person for his life time. Normally the gene carries the psychological traits through the generations, hence his entire family including his children and his grand children will be automatically included in the social control, after evaluation of the psychology. If the member of the family shows less similarity on the traits of unacceptable psychological models then the severity of the social control will be less.

The stage or place at which the evaluation of the psychology could happen, could be at job interviews or other interviews which any common person has to undergo. So that the entire population are evaluated at certain stage. But the evaluation of the psychology and its result could be concealed to the person to prevent manipulating the results of the evaluation by the person being evaluated. And also if the persons psychology matches the abnormal behaviour framework then social control will happen without the knowledge of the person under control.

Types of Targeted Individual social control

After the blacklisting as the first step in social control the person is prevented from involving in any political activities (which when the person involved pose a direct threat to the Rouge or Criminal government if the person is Narcissistic).

Based on the severity of the social control, the control of life varies. Control involves time, how frequent the persons life should be controlled (social control could be for every year, every month, every day or every hour if the person social control severity is high). If the persons social control severity is very high, then the persons life is controlled for every minute.

Control based on the place
Control involves infiltrating the places (work place, school, clubs etc) where TI uses.

Control based on the person
Control involves people, the TI intervention officers infiltrate as peer in the workplace, infiltrate as neighbours, infiltrate as friends and even force the family members to spy and control the TI.

Control also involves several other aspects

(1) Life is controlled by regulating the wealth, opportunities, social interactions, (2) Introduce complexities in the TIs life so that the person cannot conceive that the TI is in attempted social control. By Introducing complexities in the TIs life, the TI will concentrate on only his life complexities and TI is prevented from observing the larger spectrum of life.
(3) gang stalking and harassing  the TI to explicitly introduce problems into TIs life and this is used only if the severity of the TI is beyond certain level.

How the place of gang stalking is selected and managed?

When the TI is gang stalked and harassed the TI is isolated from the general public and most of the time of gang stalking the TI will be surrounded by the perps. But not all the perps will be active, most of the perps will be inactive. Only certain perps will be active and harass or stalk the TI. In the GS environment, all the neutral occupants are informed how to interact with the TI on confrontation and almost all the time there will be intervention officers accompany the TI and will be hid among the passive perps.

Often the public places used by the TI is isolated from the general public when the TI uses the place. If the TI enters a public place where large group of people share the public place,  the public is moved and the public entering is diverted and the the place is time shared until the gang stalking is completed. When the TI is in the public place, the general public is isolated or diverted away from the area where the TI is. When the TI is in the isolated public place, the place can be used to display wrong facts about the world to TI (to provide Disinformation to the TI) or used for stalking the TI. Once the TI leaves the place, the whole area is freed for the public.


"Predatory Gangstalking is a criminal phenomenon referring to a group of loosely affiliated people who, in an organized and systematic manner, relentlessly invade all areas of an individual's life on a continuing basis, as part of their lifestyle. While each individual gangstalker does his or her small part, what defines Predatory Gangstalking is the collective intent to do harm." R.B.Ross c 2005

Tactics of Predatory Gangstalking include highly coordinated surveillance (hidden cameras, conversation bugging in private aswell as public), harassment, and psychological, psychosocial, financial, and sometimes physical assaults on an individual by a large group of people who are often strangers to the targeted individual.

A Predatory Gangstalking group is a well-run organization comprised of
members who are unidentified as gangstalkers to the outside world. Until a group of gangstalkers turn their face towards someone selected to be one of their targets, members of society do not realize there is such an invisible group. The practitioners of predatory gangstalking are people who, for the most part, go about their business of daily life appearing like everyone else, except for their activities involved with Predatory Gangstalking. Predatory gangstalking activities take priority over everything else in the lives of Predatory Gangstalkers. Predatory gangstalking is actually a lifestyle for those who participate in it.

Predatory Gangstalking is also called "terror stalking", "gangstalking", "flash mobbing", "cause stalking," "hate stalking," "multi-stalking, "happy slapping," "workplace bullying, and "covert war."

. "Flash mobbing" is an event occurring when a targeted individual is spotted in society. Their photo and location is immediately and simultaneously sent out by cell phone text messages and Internet email to all gangstalkers within a certain radius. All gangstalkers then suddenly descend upon the target as a mob.

. "Cause stalking" refers to gangstalking by single-issue radicals.
They stalk a targeted person related to that specific agenda. "Cause stalking" has been reported to have been carried out by radical Christians who believe in "dominion theology."

Dominion Theology is a religious interpretation of the Bible which these
groups believe requires them to "take dominion over the earth" which they believe is the precursor to the return of Jesus to earth. "Cause stalkers" in general believe that they are bringing about social change through gangstalking activities. "Cause stalking" can be carried out by White Supremacist as a form of "Hate Stalking (Scientology groups are another eg.)." This type of predatory gangstalking is primarily for the purpose of intimidation and often is a precursor to or an adjunct to violence.

. "Happy slapping" refers to group harassment of one youth by other youths carried live over cell phones equipped to handle video to peers youths. The young gangstalkers slap around the targeted youth while laughing at him or her while several other youths broadcast the incident live to as many peers as possible.

. "Ritual Gangstalking" is reportedly performed by cults and secret organizations such as Satanists, secret orders of free masons, some voodoo /obeah practitioners and Scientologists as a means of control or for punishment. "Ritual abuse" is incorporated into "ritual gangstalking" patterns in this case.

N.B. Obeah is considered one of the darkest forms of black magic known. Blood sacrifice is always used and the intent is to harm, even to death, another person.

. "Workplace bullying" involves gangstalking activities tailored to the workplace
which are carried out by a group of employees against another individual employee.

* "Cybergangstalking" is a situation where an individual is identified to be a target through Internet participation and their personal identity is determined. Cybergangstalkers pierce the electronic veil and are able to enter into the real life of a person, creating all forms of harassment, theft, psychological operations including slander and libel, and able to commit crimes against the targeted individual.

* "Vigilante Stalking, Terror Stalking" is the same as Predatory

For the purpose of this informational writing, all activities will be referred to as "predatory gangstalking" because the tactics and characteristics of the gangstalking are the same. And often a targeted person will become the victim of more than one type of gangstalking.

"Predatory Gangstalking" is a criminal phenomenon referring to a group of loosely affiliated people who, in an organized and systematic manner, relentlessly invade an individual's life on a continuous basis, to an extreme degree, as part of their lifestyle. While each individual gangstalker does his or her small part, what defines Predatory Gangstalking is the collective intent to do harm." R.B. Ross

Predatory Gangstalking is reported by historians to have been originally developed by social scientists and psychologists in communist and fascist's countries as a means of control of individuals within those societies. The tactics and techniques of Predatory Gangstalking were developed through animal and then human experimentation. The methodology of Predatory Gangstalking is precise and well-orchestrated. It is reported that the technical mechanics for Predatory Gangstalking werefirst sold on the Black Market by the ruling party leaders of East Germany when the USSR political systems crumbled. These protocols were subsequently exported to other countries and implemented there against unsuspecting citizens. Predatory
Gangstalking has been reportedly against citizens worldwide. Thus far, it has continued unchecked. One of the reasons for the unchallenged proliferation of this form of organized crime is that it characteristically takes place in such a way that it is invisible to the untrained eye. It is understandably, therefore, considered to be the ‘perfect crime’, as it remains unchallenged and extremely difficult to prove.

The countries with the greatest number of reports are the US, Canada, Germany, and England. In the US, the states with the greatest number of reported predatory gangstalkings are California, Texas, and New York. The predominant proportion of individuals targeted by gangstalkers are non-Caucasians. It is difficult to find other predominant similar characteristics in targets. The reasons that an individual is selected for targeting are unknown. It can only be speculated to include reasons such as easy accessibility to the target, random selection for training for new Predatory Gangstalkers, minority group member relative to hate-based groups, making an example of someone, revenge, retaliation, and social control.

Who are the practitioners of Predatory Gangstalking? They include career criminals, participants in the drug trade, extreme ideologists such as radical Christians, members of hate groups such as White Supremacists, members of motorcycle and street gangs, and homeless people. They are also often people with a background in the military, including disabled Vets. Higher levels in the Predatory Gangstalking organizations include people in military and law enforcement or with same experience, secret service/defence employees, government officials, Banking firms, and so on. It has been reported that top level government security and intelligence agencies use gangstalking tactics in covert operations. What is most baffling about Predatory Gangstalking is that many of the practitioners of this social pathology appear to be regular mainstream people with no prior criminal record, predominantly in the socio-economic middle class. It is presumed they participate for the money or rewards they receive in the form of barter or for a social-conscience feelgood factor.

The world of Predatory Gangstalking increases as new recruits are initiated into the Predatory Gangstalking process. Therefore, a target may see collusion and participation from neighbors and co- workers who were once on good terms with the target. The circle of predatory gangstalkers widens with time. However, most of the time, the gangstalkers are complete strangers to the target. In most of the encounters the target has with gangstalkers, the target does not recognize the perpetrators but the gangstalkers readily recognize the target. Further, these predatory strangers possess detailed knowledge about the targeted individual. Most often, Predatory Gangstalking is being engaged in by parties unknown, for reasons unknown, to the target. People have died after a lifetime of protracted Predatory Gangstalking without having any explanations as to who was doing this or why this happened to them.

Sometimes, the leaders in these large affiliated groups of gangstalkers have specialized military expertise in the areas of military intelligence, military electronics and equipment, and in military strategic and tactical training. Those without formal military training have often engaged in paramilitary activities or have technical skills commonly found in successful career criminals. Others who join a Predatory Gangstalking group without such a background are given on-the-job training, in addition to other gangstalking skills. It can be said with certainty that there are specific protocols and tactics and most gangstalkers appear to be proficient in a similar set of skills.

Predatory Gangstalkers each have their own individual skill that they contribute towards their common goal in the group. One person in a group knows how to pick locks; another knows how to hack into computers, while someone else provides the GPS and electronic equipment. Many Predatory Gangstalking members know how to tamper with a vehicle. Some predatory gangstalkers are practiced "look outs" while others are group leaders. Predatory gangstalking groups have their rank and file as in any other organization. Orders come from the top, just as in any other organization. However, it is unknown whether the top of the organizations are local, regional, national, or international.

Predatory Gangstalkers use state-of-the-art technology coupled with law-enforcement- style surveillance tactics. Typically, the individual gangstalkers are strangers to the target. ("Happy slapping" and "workplace bullying" are the most common exceptions) Participants in predatory gangstalking are well-trained. The tactics and techniques they use are similar all around the world in the numerous countries where this has been reported. Each group of predatory gangstalkers is a covert army unto themselves. They have incorporated specialized techniques originally used by spies during the cold war. They carry out their field work with military style precision. Then, they go about their daily lives, just like any other member of society, in most cases. Their gangstalking skills are highly sophisticated, and their commitment to Predatory Gangstalking exceeds zealousness. It appears to both an observer and a target that nothing required of them in terms of time or availability is too much trouble for them. As stated previously, but worth
repeating, predatory gangstalking activities take priority in the lives of those who practice Predatory Gangstalking. Predatory Gangstalkers are a functioning subculture of society that move invisibly through society as such. This is by design, making it even more dangerous to society.

The goals of Predatory Gangstalking of an individual are numerous. Predatory
Gangstalking is intended to deprive someone of their freedoms and rights. It destroys a person's privacy and control of their own environments. It is intended to create distress, disrupt all relationships, deplete person's resources, destroy one's physical and mental health, and inflict great overall long term suffering. They interfere with a target's sleep thereby producing chronic sleep deprivation, as a strategic tactic. They employ a variety of interactions with the targeted individual which are likely to produce accidents and various forms of illness. One of the main weapons they use for their own protection and to enable their success in gangstalking is to manipulate the target's life in such a way as to cause them to lose their credibility with others. This is usually the first objective reached. After that, gangstalking the target involves only minor risk. Notably, people who become involved generally stop caring about the abuse by either turning a blind eye or actively joining in. While others, though concerned for the target, become too frightened to speak out or come to believe the propoganda that the target is mentally ill and needs ‘this‘ help.

Predatory Gangstalking also involves provoking "accidents" and consequences of harm to the target. Predatory Gangstalkers will surrounding a target's moving vehicle and attempting to force them off of the road when they are stressed and exhausted.

Worse, these tactics will be employed after tampering with a targeted individual's vehicle. Predatory Gangstalking is very serious business. Predatory Gangstalking is, at the least, psychological violence, and at most, it is a protracted sadistic sociopathic domination and calculated destruction of an innocent human being for reasons of pleasure, power, and social control by a group predatory stranger.

It is rightfully assumed that money is involved in Predatory Gangstalking
because of the amount of resources required to execute such extensive efforts. The gangstalkers develop capabilities directly proportionate to the amount money that funds them. In following the money trail speculatively, one looks to the possibility that drug money is involved. Some people reason that the government may be involved because of the amount of resources that are available to the practitioners of Predatory Gangstalking. Other individual situations seem to indicate that corporations, insurance companies, and even wealthy individuals with revenge motives fund a Predatory Gangstalking.

In addition to cash payment for participation in Predatory Gangstalking, other forms of barter are used. These include drugs, *, alcohol, reciprocal favors, release from debts, jobs, contracts,"deals" for legal problems, and other forms of compensation. Some gangstalkers are given free housing in exchange for performing Predatory Gangstalking activities against a nearby target. However, it is clear from observing Predatory Gangstalkers in action that many engage in it for pleasure. One high ranking leader in Predatory Gangstalking stated that it was like an addiction. He described how the build up and culmination of a gangstalking assault was intoxicating, but that there was a let-down feeling afterwards that compelled him to do it again, and the cycle continued.

It is also true that some people participate in Predatory Gangstalking because they are deceived into participating. Friends, neighbors and associates of a selected target are given false information and finally come to believe the targeted individual has committed a heinous crime for which they deserve what is portrayed them to be rehabilitative social intervention. Sometimes people reluctantly participate in indirect ways, such as making their homes available at times for part of the operation, for fear of consequences if they did not. Others involved in Predatory Gangstalking, including the homeless, do so for money or drugs. Disabled Vets are known to participate in Predatory Gangstalking activities for alleged government or defense contractor's projects. Predatory Gangstalkers have successfully elicited the participation of neighbors by appealing to their sense of service to the community or government, often representing themselves as affiliates
of the government or law enforcement. Lastly, those who are in the underworld or secret organizations practice Predatory Gangstalking as part of their membership duties.

The craft and practice of Predatory Gangstalking appears to be standardized around the world. Many similarities parallel incidents reported by targets internationally. It appears that there is a standard protocol involving a series of tactics, progressive phases, and nature of assaults. It appears that an individual has been selected to become a target and the groundwork has been established for their assaults long before the individual can be aware that something criminal is occurring in their lives and to their person. Predatory Gangstalkers achieve this strategically. By the time the targeted individual becomes aware that something very threatening and disturbing is happening to them, they have already been thoroughly investigated by their enemies, stigmatized, discredited, and compromised. All wells have been already poisoned, so to speak, and all avenues of help and escape have been blocked.

Predatory Gangstalkers first establish "information dominance" over a targeted individual. This achievement alone enables them to attain excessive power over the targeted individual. It is believed that this is accomplished by means of eavesdropping devices in the target's environment, global positioning technology (GPS) secreted on their vehicles, obtaining illegal access to all of a targeted individual's personal records such banks accounts, emails, medical records, and credit card purchases. They are often able to achieve 100% surveillance of a targeted individual and almost 100% access to a targeted individual's entire lifetime of available information from any computer, paper, photographic, or personal source. They use all of the information obtained to ambush and sabotage a targeted individual. Predatory Gangstalkers ultimately become capable of entering a target's house, place of employment, and vehicle at-will and often. All forms of communications in the targeted individual's life is interfered with by the gangstalkers. They will intercept email, tamper with voicemail, and obstruct the delivery of postal mail. The net result is that all communication in a targeted individual's life
will become unreliable and incomplete, both incoming and outgoing. The Predatory Gangstalkers are then capable of greater insidious manipulation and control.

Predatory Gangstalkers constantly update information about a target. Updates are promptly shared with all of the participants in that predatory gangstalking group. They take frequent photographs of the targeted individual, and maintain photos of the target's house, vehicle, place of employment, family, friends, and even the target's pets. They promptly disseminate this information through email and cell phones to other gangstalkers. This is the means by which a targeted individual is continually recognized by Predatory Gangstalkers everywhere they go. The Predatory Gangstalkers sadistically prefer to maintain a file of photos taken at points in time when the victimization reaches peaks, such as when a target is reaping consequences brought about by the gangstalkers, such as upon a targeted individual's firing, eviction, or when the person emotionally breaks down, or when they appear disheveled from insomnia or is fearful.

Psychological profiling is yet another tactic performed on a targeted individual for the purpose of finding weaknesses. They exploit all information obtained, including fears, triggers, value-conflicts, skeletons in the closet, areas of shame, addictions, vices, and all things they hold dear. They often successfully "interview" a target under various guises. They use the information obtained to maximize the Predatory Gangstalkers' ability to destroy the targeted individual.

Practitioners of Predatory Gangstalking have their own coded language, both
verbal and visual. Each targeted individual is referred to by an assigned code word. Hand signals are an important tool of their universal protocol. Some hand signals resemble the mannerisms used in baseball and other sports. Other signals are those found in law enforcement and the military. They use hand signals to identify the area of a target's body designated to be the target of a pending physical attack. This is often the eyes and the heart. They also use hand signals to coordinate the unauthorized entry into a target's home or vehicle. They also use hand signals during roving vehicle caravans and while on foot, for the purpose of coordinating attacks and pointing out the location of a target. Vehicle alarm panic buttons and horns are other commonly used tools of communication and coordination. In residential areas, outside lights have an established set of messages. They also use "dead drops" like spies have done historically to secretly pass along information to one another. Public bathrooms are commonly utilized as locations for the transfer of information and equipment. Mobile pick-up and delivery systems are in place for this purpose as well. They have a set of questions and responses to confirm the identity of a predatory gangstalker to another which are also coded. In the USA they refer to money by the last names of the president whose face is on the bill. Someone may say "I have references. (translation: money). I know 5 of the Franklin's." Their coded language is universal to them.

Predatory Gangstalkers will begin an intense and extensive discrediting campaign against a selected target well before the target could even suspect he or she has an enemy. This critical tactic sets the stage for neighbors and associates to become alienated from the target. One of the Predatory Gangstalkers' goals is to eliminate all forms of support and assistance for the target. Towards this objective, the police are given anonymous "concerned citizen" tips designed to lead the police to believe the target is mentally unstable or a problem in the community in advance of any actual direct gangstalking of the targeted individual. This sets the stage for having the targeted individual prejudged so they will be disbelieved and dismissed when the gangstalking begins and they seek help. The discrediting campaign includes accusing the target of being an "undesirable" for any number of reasons, including fabricated reports of having committed crimes that are the most repulsive to members of society. Practitioners of Predatory Gangstalking even go so far as to represent themselves as undercover law enforcement or government agents. It has been reported that they will even show false documents for substantiation, but they will never leave them behind.

Financial devastation is another goal of Predatory Gangstalking. Towards this goal, they make attempts to destroy one's gainful employment, pose as offering services to intervene in the problem to further take your money, and will steal funds and personal property on an on-going basis. Repeated unauthorized entries into a target's residence, vehicles, computer, and workplace are hallmark tactics of this crime and is nearly impossible to stop. Predatory Gangstalkers can pick locks, bypass security alarms, and enter any location posing as utility crews, law enforcement, or delivery men. Practitioners of Predatory Gangstalking will apply for and obtain legitimate jobs in a target's home or business in order to have access to the target and their life, relationships, and assets just to do harm.

Predatory Gangstalking employs a tactic of syncronicity. This tactic involves the precise timing of interactions with the targeted individual. For example, the target can go out to get the morning newspaper and encounter gangstalking activities that suddenly appear and which are precisely synchronized. Throughout the targeted individual's day, these synchronized encounters repeatedly occur. Activities such as leaving one's driveway,
taking out the trash, going to a store, or even walking the dog, are activities which result in an encounter with one or more Predatory Gangstalkers. Even when a target strategically does not follow any set routine, these synchronized occurrences continue.

This makes the gangstalkers appear to be all- knowing and almost omnipresent in the mind of a new targeted individual. This is intimidating, demoralizing, and even terrorizing to targets. It is often unavoidable.

In the case of primary targeted individuals of gangstalking (the rare individuals who are the priority target of global gangstalking) the primary objective is to induce as much fear as possible and over time as the numbers of individuals that become involved or are made aware of a target, the abuse can increase substantially, so that there is no aspect of the targets life that is private or sacred. Rarely, if ever, does a targeted individual engage in an activity of daily living without the unwanted participation of Predatory Gangstalkers. The timing and coordination of these activities are remarkably precise. The targeted individual becomes aware that all of their activities include the presence of Predatory Gangstalkers. These gangstalkers demand to be noticed by their target, and if they are not, they will take an action to be noticed. This could include honking their horn strategically, making a comment, creating a scenario to get the attention of the targeted individual. Once noticed, they will return to non-contact, knowing that by that point, the targeted individual will henceforth anxiously watch for them.

Most times, however, these practitioners of gangstalking maintain the appearance of "business as usual." They rarely make direct contact, with some exception. However, these strangers often boldly smirk and openly laugh at the targeted individual at some close point in the encounter. This is the universal exception to the "no direct contact" protocol. Other times, when verbal or physical contact is made, these encounters are conducted in such a way as to appear to have been "happenstance."

Since most of the practitioners of Predatory Gangstalking rotate in and out of the life of a target, the same patterns of gangstalking will occur, but it will involve different people all the time. Therefore, many different stranger and many different vehicles will walk, drive, or bike past the target and interact in some manner, at various times and locations. All of the predatory gangstalkers will be strangers to the targeted individual and they
will continue to make their presence, but not their purpose, known. This is one element of Predatory Gangstalking that is disbelieved by others. These "others" include law enforcement, the medical profession, and family. Those who are unaware of activities of subcultures such as criminals, secret organizations, clubs, extremist groups, radical political groups, hate groups, organized crime groups, and other antisocial groups, the scope of attack by Predatory Gangstalkers is unfathomable. Never the less, the extent of this massive assault on one individual is as extensive as described here and even more so.

Let it be said that we really do live in amazing times. The world itself has seen much change and turmoil even in the last century, and with the increase of technology, the desire in those who choose to live out of balance with life and try to live in dominance and control of the masses have opted for this horrendous path of ‘stolen power’. This may sound quite vague, and it is, only because the other face of ganstalking or rather the precise reason for its use deals with a more incredible phenomena than hasn't been touched up yet. In the first instance, we mustn't be so na├»ve as to assume that our governments and all those that have been granted the power and authority to run our world are acting from a selfless perspective. They simply are not. The secrets of the universe, God and true power have always been the Holy Grail of man, and the desperate desire to achieve and own them by some.

To this effect the studies and research that has been conducted since time immemorial have been immense, with the one of the holiest of holiest being the understanding of the human mind, soul and will and how these can be controlled and used far more readily than man has been able to achieve so far. And it is for these reasons that extensive and more covert experimentation has been undertaken on people targeted for this work. These people are the targetted individuals of gangstalking.

Our minds are complex structures, our memories (long and short term), our thought processes, our fears and so on. If it is true that we do indeed manifest what we think as countless experts have us believe and that spiritually we are indeed one soul fragmented but unequivocally connected in a unified field, then it stands to reason that if one or a few souls and minds can be controlled then this will lead to the occupation of ALL. This of course sounds like insane rantings but assuredly this is the reality humanity faces today. There is a dark agenda to control all minds by controlling the energetic fields of existence, our physical bodies, dna, etheric fields, mental and emotional fields and so on.

Next, imagine for a moment if a ‘Lucifer’ were also created from one of the targeted individuals, more than just the social pariah they started as, what if society is lead to believe that they are actually a satanic entity or individual. In doing so, a common enemy is created with which to blame all eventual chaos upon. This is another portion of the agenda.

It is in the end the stuff of nightmares and what has been called dark prophecy or conspiracy theory is actually ancient agenda in it’s final stages of being played out.

On a personal level, participating in any form of gangstalking is not only insane but utterly immoral, and spiritually and ciminally corrupt. If you care, choose never to participate, inform the target (carefully/secretly), make a united stand with friends and neighbours not participate and log all the evidence you can - takedown all information you can. Be smart, technology and the capability of those that have orchestrated these world terrors are immense.

But most of all remember that the 'fear matrix' within their attempted collective consciousness of humanity is an overall target. If people are afraid they can be controlled. Stand firm in belief in God the Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and in their Omnipotent Grace shielding and delivering us from the plans of Satan.

Peace be with us all.

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